I've been fascinated with identical twins ever since my brother and his wife became parents to twin boys. I started this project simply by asking friends if they knew of any twins I might be able to meet and photograph. Word spread, and soon I was quite busy. Every now and then, I'd take a road trip, pull into a small town and ask at the barber shop or diner if any twins lived in town. Many of the twins I photographed claimed to be absolutely alike. They chose to wear the same outfits for their sitting, made similar gestures, and completed each other’s sentences. Even so, as I spent time with these twins, I got caught up in their differences… the slightly lopsided smile of one, the narrowing of the eyes of the other... the air of self confidence of one, the shyness of the other. While spending time with my subjects, I learned a lot about the struggle for identity, defining one’s uniqueness, and finding one’s own voice.

Peri and Ellie, 2004Donna and Dorothy, 2017Brian and Andrew, 2004Carrie and Angie, 2004Sydney and Ashley, 2005Danielle and Gabriella, 2004Elise and Coco, 2004Derrick and Dustin, 2005David and Isaac, 2004Naomi and Nairobi, 2005Ariel and Gabriel, 2004Ingrid and Natalie, 2004Cathleen and Colleen, 2004Lloyd and Floyd, 2005Tom and Andy, 2005Frida and Lara, 2004Sherrie and Terrie, 2005Jan and Jean, 2004Seth and Ezra, 2004Marlo and Marliss, 2005Rebecca and Elizabeth, 2004Henley and Jersey, Missouri, 2017Tanya and Tenaya, 2000Jean and Jill, 2004Tanya and Tenaya, 2004Portia and AdaRyan and Kyle, 2004Martha and Mary, 2004Lyndsey and Lauren, 2004Charlotte and Ginny, 2016Abby and Liz, 2004Evelyn and Rita, 2005Margaret and Caroline, 2016Nathan and Jackson, 2005Atticus and Alexander, 2015Gabriel and Caleb, 2004Adam and JacobKylee and AmandaSheri and JanQuadruplets, New Orleans, 2015Quadruplets, New Orleans, 2016Quadruplets, New Orleans, 2017