This ongoing series of photographs addresses the elusive, enigmatic, transcendent, and poetic instances that happen all around me when I am in the presence of my grandchildren. So much of the wonder experienced during my all-too-fleeting moments with them can easily be overlooked or dismissed if I’m not careful. The challenge, in this project as in any other, is to seek out the seemingly mundane occurrences, bring them to light and then render them as the extraordinary, beautiful, haunting, sad, celebratory, and mysterious events they truly are.  Sand, 2016White Dress, 2017Newborn, New OrleansJunior Birdman, Rockaway Beach, Oregon, 2019Leaf, New Orleans, 2015Tree of Life, 2018Toes, 2010Kumquats, 2013Wet Curls, 2015Swirl, 2015Hillside, 2016Bedroom Door, 2017Chalkboard, 2017Sword, 2017Hand Shadow, 2018Staircase, New OrleansUpside Down, New OrleansHanging Upside Down, New OrleansJungle Gym, New OrleansElephant Leaf, New OrleansHammock, New OrleansHenry's Stick, New OrleansTwirl, New Orleans, 2021Beach Comber, Arch Cape, 2021Spray, Arch Cape, 2021Sisters, New Orleans, 2023Long Hair, New Orleans, 2023Light, New Orleans, 2023Camellia Blooms, New Orleans, Louisiana, 2017Hands, New Orleans, Louisiana, 2014Tree Climber, New Orleans, Louisiana, 2015Legs in Sand, Cannon Beach, Oregon, 2016Swing, New Orleans, Louisiana, 2020Spinning, Portland, Oregon, 2021Snail Shell, New Orleans, Louisiana, 2016Puppy Costume, New Orleans, Louisiana, 2017