On my 40th birthday, 15 years after putting down my camera to open a photography gallery, I dusted off my Hasselblad. My beloved camera still purred, and, like an old friend, graciously welcomed me back. I began wandering around my neighborhood photographing kids. I took workshops led by photographers whose work I admired, and I made pictures every day. This body of work, "Convergence," was the subject of my first self-published monograph (2001). The pictures pay homage to my own childhood, one that was spent in the idyllic 50's and early 60’s when kids felt comfortable playing outside. Maybe these even salute the pictures I made as a child. And while there is tenderness, joy and humor in some of the pictures, there is also the suggestion of a darker, lonelier place, a feeling of uncertainty and longing - a thread that has continued throughout my work over the years.

Bird, Italy, 2000Balloon, St. Thomas, 2000Lauren, Kansas, 1999Aeon, New Mexico, 1999Black Water, New Mexico, 1999Church, Hawaii, 1998Aeon in Water, New Mexico, 1999Angelo and His Father, New Mexico, 1999Boy with Toy Gun New Mexico, 1998Boys Swimming, Kansas, 2004Batman, Mexico, 1999Aeon's Sword, New Mexico, 2001Amilia, Missouri, 2000Sisters, Wisconsin, 1979Jacob, Missouri, 2002Jimmy, Missouri, 1999Joseph with Ball, Missouri, 2000Jose and His Sisters, New Mexico, 1999Girls with Jump Ropes, Italy, 2000Max and Anna, Washington, 1998Hot Springs, New Mexico, 1999Mary's Yard, Missouri, 1999Plaid Dress, Wisconsin, 1979Valentine's Day, Mexico, 1999Light, Kansas, 2000