A couple of years ago I decided to begin birding, so I attended a few free bird walks sponsored by the local Audubon Society (now called the Bird Alliance of Oregon, because of John Audubon’s history as an enslaver who opposed abolition and desecrated the graves of Native Americans). It's fun hanging out with birders. I'm always so impressed by their abilities to spot tiny birds hidden by branches in far off trees and to identify birds by their distant songs and calls. It's been a good way for me to learn, but I also love going off on my own. It’s become a favorite pastime, and, of course, I make photographs along the way. The pictures I make don’t align much with typical wildlife photography. They’re in black and white rather than color, and they’re often blurred rather than tack sharp. While I absolutely love great bird images and follow quite a few renown wildlife photographers, I find I prefer making pictures that lean in a different direction… more towards dreams and memories and emotions.


Crow with One Wing Spread, OregonEgret, WashingtonHummingbird Wing, Costa RicaOsprey, OregonTwo Sandhill Cranes, OregonSix Starlings, MissouriMates For Life, Sandhill Cranes, OregonSandhill Cranes Through Trees, OregonSnow Geese on a Diagonal, WashingtonSkein of Snow Geese, WashingtonOn the Day of the Eclipse, OregonFive Cedar Waxwings, OregonRed-Tailed Hawk, OregonRed-Winged Blackbird, OregonAnna's Hummingbird, MexicoBald Eagle, OregonSeagull, OregonSandhill Crane, OregonScrub Jay, MexicoRobin, OregonGrackle, CaliforniaSong Sparrow, OregonStarlings and a Dove, OregonThree Finches, OregonTwo Hummingbirds, Costa RicaAnna's Hummingbird (silhouette), OregonCooper's Hawk, MexicoHummingbird in Flight, MexicoHummingbird on Branch, MexicoTwo Hummingbirds, MexicoBlackbird, Oregon