Both memory and the passing of time are key elements in this body of work, which I made when my husband and I downsized from our large family home to a small condo. We had a lot of stuff to get rid of. It was an emotional time, sorting through all the things we’d accumulated over the years and having to decide what to hang onto and what to let go of. On the first day of the estate sale I strung a backdrop from a tree in the front yard and did what any photographer who is trying to deal with a difficult personal situation would do – I took pictures.

My original intention was to simply document the items as they were leaving the house with their new owners, but it became clear pretty quickly that the new owners were colorful and fantastic and needed to be photographed, as well. I ended up making portraits of them holding their newfound treasures.

LampWrenchAlbumsSnow GlobesBroken Doll BedCaptain UnderpantsCheese ShakerCorningwareCookie JarCardsDollDump TruckEat a PeachEgg BeaterHeartHedge ClippersMatchesMixing BowlOdds and EndsOilPastelsPhotographPlastic ContainerPunch BowlSlide ProjectorSnow GlobeSnow Globe 2SupermanTiesCreative Constructions